What is the Most Famous Restaurant in the World Right Now?

This year, the first place went to Geranium, in Copenhagen, led by chef and restaurateur Rasmus Kofoed. In the last recognition, Geranium ranked second on the prestigious list of the 50 best restaurants in the world. The more than 1,000 voters who participated in drawing up the list include journalists and chefs, and the body that awards the prize does not require them to pay for their own meals. This has been met with criticism, as it provides opportunities for government tourism boards to influence voters by offering them free press trips in the hope of including local restaurants.The restaurants that make up the full list of 100 range from David Chang's decidedly casual and quiet Momofuku Ssam Bar to Alain Ducasse's luxury model, Louis XIV, in Monaco.

Swiss-born chef Daniel Humm brings all the movement from farm to table to his New York restaurant, creating a quiet but theatrical dining room. Meanwhile, Brazilian chef Alex Atala's restaurant is renowned for its refinement, with dishes based on ingredients from his beloved Amazon. In London, Grant Achatz's restaurant may not be as eye-catching as elsewhere, but its flavors are deep and layered.This year 50 Best published its first list of restaurants in the Middle East and North Africa, in which restaurants in Dubai predominated. It should be noted that Ferran Adrià's elBulli was once considered the most avant-garde restaurant in the world, and Grant Achatz spent a short time there.The 50 best restaurants in the world are a reflection of a global trend towards luxury and innovation.

Every year, diners, restaurateurs and food writers try to read the annual list like tea leaves, looking for trends or a coherent topic. In most cases, these descriptions are based on personal experience or research from colleagues.

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