25 Best Restaurants in the US: An Expert's Guide

From excellent French cuisine in San Francisco to Vietnamese cuisine that pushes the boundaries in D. C., the restaurants that our readers voted the best in the country in our first Global Tastemakers Awards are inspired by cuisines from around the world, from Italy and Vietnam to Mexico, France and beyond. Below, you'll find the full list of the 25 best U. S.

restaurants, as voted by Food & Wine readers. Acclaimed chef Tony Mantuano has set a high standard for Italian haute cuisine at Spiaggia in Chicago and Yolan in Nashville. He and his wife Cathy, an expert in wine and hospitality, have created a serious dining destination that still manages to be fun, with touches like an Aperol Spritz cart with creative riffs of the classic aperitif. The tasting menu is inspired by several regions, featuring Roman classics such as Bucatini all'Amatriciana and Cacio e Pepe, as well as Cotoletta alla Milanese.

Guests can also take a look inside the glazed cheese cave, which houses 80-pound chunks of Parmigiano Reggiano and other Italian cheeses. Wolfgang Puck's glamorous rooftop restaurant at Pendry West Hollywood proves that he still has it. With draped fabrics creating a tent effect, chandeliers, and floor-to-ceiling glass walls offering panoramic views of Los Angeles, the magnificent interiors set the tone for sophisticated yet well-thought-out dishes. Puck draws inspiration from countries such as Japan, China, Thailand, Singapore and Mongolia to create a varied menu that ranges from delicate sashimi to tasty Thai red curry with shrimp, sea bream and citronella and coconut broth. Chefs Max Boonthanakit and Lijo George met in Bangkok while working at Blue by Alain Ducasse, and Ducasse's influence can be felt at his Michelin-starred restaurant in Los Angeles. The menu avoids seasonality and instead opts for luxurious and timeless preparations, with dishes such as lentils and lamb with traces of cumin and cardamom or grilled beef tenderloin in a cognac cream sauce with peppercorn.

The deep white dining room creates an elegant and modern backdrop for the chefs' contemporary creations. This modern restaurant located under the Williamsburg Bridge in Brooklyn serves ambitious Mexican cuisine more commonly found in Mexico City than in New York. The atmosphere manages to be modern, a little rustic and sensual at the same time, with wooden tables, chairs with seats woven in the shape of a basket, mezcal served in clay glasses and Latin American music that sets the tone. Dishes you should try include vegan mole negro, daikon tostadas and spinning top taco, with pork belly, flank steak, marinade, and pineapple and serrano gel on a traditional corn tortilla. For many, a meal at Atelier Crenn is a once-in-a-lifetime event worth traveling to San Francisco for. Legendary chef and owner Dominique Crenn broke records by becoming the first female chef with two - then three - Michelin stars in the United States.

Now Crenn is using its platform to defend sustainability. Atelier Crenn is the first restaurant in the United States to be certified plastic-free, and recently completely eliminated meat due to its harmful impact on the planet. The restaurant now serves pescatarian tasting menus. This dazzling spot at Pendry Manhattan West is a relatively new addition to the New York City dining scene - and a good reason to travel to Hudson Yards. Quality Branded - the hotel group behind Don Angie and Quality Meats - has created a leading restaurant in Eastern Mediterranean cuisine.

The most popular dishes include sauces dish (hummus with black garlic, grilled eggplants, whipped ricotta with saffron apricots, green tahini with aquafaba and coriander, and kabocha squash with whole wheat butter and toasted almonds), duck borek and Yemeni kebab al poivre. Award-winning chef Corey Lee surprises and delights diners with highly technical preparations and ambitious tasting menus at Benu - earning many awards and three Michelin stars in the process. The restaurant feels like an oasis of tranquility in downtown San Francisco. The dishes are contemporary interpretations of classics such as xiao long bao and Korean beef barbecue - what unites them all is Lee's unique insistence on perfection. This spectacular “Indian-style” restaurant in Washington D. C., Daru always surprises diners in the best way - with spectacular dishes such as tacos filled with grilled tandoori chicken; a fluffy naan greased with olive oil za'atar; a magnificent striped sea bass cooked with Makrut lime leaves; even burrata dipped in black daal; don't miss out on their cocktail made with Indian whiskey banana & black walnut!These are places that will make you love food even more - it could be pairing of dry red wine or presentation of extraordinary dish; maybe it's classic dish made for generations or Michelin-starred chef redefining what it means to eat in United States - no matter which direction these establishments go; know that they stand out on same route.

Hungry? Here they are - 25 best restaurants in United States: Located just outside city north of Atlanta Karv Kitchen is family-friendly Greek spot attracting both locals & tourists - roasted meats cooked by experts & loukoubombs are stuff of legend (kind of European donut size of bite golden brown & perfect to finish meal preferably w/ cup of coffee). One most famous restaurants country & for good reason Eleven Madison Park has defined high-end dining experience for years - beloved New York place simply dared stop eating meat for environmental ethical & health reasons & fact it has maintained its innovative edge & first-class experience while getting rid much old menu is nothing short incredible. Chef Daniel Humm is clearly one best at his craft country if not world - you've heard about it now it's time experience it!.

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