The Ultimate Guide to the Best Side Dishes for Handmade Sushi

Sushi is a delectable and popular Japanese dish, but what goes well with it? To take your sushi experience to the next level, here's a comprehensive guide to the best side dishes to accompany your homemade sushi. At Japanese restaurants, side dishes are usually served family-style in a larger bowl. If individual utensils are provided, use them to serve the food on your own plate. If not, you can use the back end or upper end of your chopsticks to serve part of the food on your plate (this is thought to prevent germs from the lower ends of the chopsticks from entering your mouth).Tako Su, or octopus salad, is a popular dish served at izayakas, or Japanese tapas restaurants.

In this case, the garnish is eaten with your own chopsticks, called jikabashi in Japanese. This is especially true when dining at a Japanese restaurant, or traveling around Japan. When eating steamed rice as part of a Japanese meal, hold the bowl in one hand with three or four fingers holding the base of the bowl and your thumb resting comfortably on one side. Tempura, or battered and fried seafood and vegetables, is usually served with salt or with a tsuyu sauce to dip in tempura. Sake isn't usually served in Japanese restaurants, as it's considered overwhelming.

If you're a fan of hot spices like mustard hot sauce, some Japanese restaurants serve it as an accompaniment. The first time you go to a Japanese restaurant to enjoy a sushi meal, you'll be amazed at the variety of condiments that come to your table. The essence of Japanese food is fish, and Oklahoma City has some great options for fresh seafood. If you're looking for an authentic Japanese experience in OKC, there are six great restaurants that offer delicious sushi and other traditional dishes. Egg dishes are also popular accompaniments to sushi.

Preparing eggs in advance is an easy way to add more protein to your meal any day of the week. With this guide to the best side dishes for sushi, you can take your sushi experience to the next level!.

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